Time is Whizzing By

While strolling the streets of Chicago, I happened to click the shutter of my camera as this trolley was rushing past.  Time is whizzing by.

Trolley Lights
Trolley Lights

Weekly Photo Challenge – Time

The City and the Lake

A walk along Lakeshore Drive in Chicago is something everyone should do if spending even one day in Chicago.  First of all, the view of Lake Michigan and the lighthouse is amazing.  Then, just turn around with your back toward the lake and you get the wonderful view of Chicago’s beautiful skyline.  The city and the lake from one spot.

Overlooking Lake MIchigan
Looking out at Lake Michigan

That’s just the start of it!  Lincoln Park Zoo is another “must do”.  Since you are already there, step on over to the Lincoln Park Conservatory with blooming orchids to see all year round.  Yes, even in the middle of winter, in freezing temperatures, you will be warm and toasty strolling in the conservatory.

I better stop right here for now.  There’s way too much to say about Chicago in one post.  Come back later, right here to this blog site.  There will be more.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant